A Second Birding Trip to Peru
Page 4 - Tamashiyacu - Tahuayo

There was an amazing variety of butterflies, particularly at La Cia Research Station. When the sun was out, the butterfly displays there were just were incredible.

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Eunica sp.?
(Purplewing sp.)

Cynosura Eighty-eight
(Callicore cynosura)

Thoas Swallowtail
(Heraclides thoas)

Whites & Sulfurs

Orion Cecropian
(Historis odius)

Malvina Purplewing
(Eunica malvina)

(Dryas iulia)

Narrow-line Beauty
(Baeotus japetus)

Julia & Narrow-line Beauty
(Dryas iulia & Baeotus japetus)

Pausanias Swallowtail
(Mimoides pausanias)


Pausanias Swallowtail
(Mimoides pausanias)
Following our delightful stay at La Cia, we spent a final night back at Tahuayo Lodge, before motoring back to Iquitos. Iquitos was quite busy and full of noisy pedicabs, but it was nice to touch base with civilization again. Some kind of Spring Festival was going on that night, with several parades around the Plaza, and lots of kids dressed up like Halloween in Spiderman, princess, and winged fairy outfits. Interesting were the 3D figures of stars, airplanes, and such, made of clear, colored plastic wrap on a frame with a candle inside and carried on a stick -- never saw them lit, didn't get any pictures, and still wonder what that was all about.

Next day, it was back on the plane to Lima, then a flight that stopped in Cusco, before finally arriving in Puerto Maldonado for our next jungle stay in Tambopata. Our first night was at Refugio Amazonas, after which we went further up river to Tambopata Research Center for the next five days, then two final days at Posada Amazonas


Room at

Dining Hall at

And a couple of TRC butterflies from later in the trip.

Canopy Tower at

Stoplight Catone
(Catonephele numilia)

Eunica pusilla?
(Pusilla Purplewing)


Dawn at
Posadas Tower




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