More Trips to Taiwan

In August 2004 and then again in June 2005, I got the chance to take more business trips to Taiwan. Not too many tourist pictures this time, except for a few from the Weekend Jade and Flower Market (under the freeway near Ta An Park) and the fabulous Hoping market (near the Kuting MRT stop). Quite a few pictures of birds, lotus flowers, and butterflies mostly from the Botanical Gardens, but a few from the Kuantu Nature Park. I'm starting to get the hang of this place, on the third trip (hot and steamy in June!), in addition to my usual favorites, adding a few pictures from the Taipei Zoo (butterflies and ochids everywhere!), Hung Shulin Nature Preserve, and Yangminshan Park.
Click on any of the thumbnails below to see a larger view.

Buds, pod,
and blossom



Lotus Leaf

Water Lilies

Water Lily

More Water

Amazing White

Brown Butterfly

Serene White


Blue Butterfly

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