A Trip to Panama - 4

Although the focus of the trip was birds, here are a few of the amazing variety of things seen in the jungle if you just take the time to look a little closer.

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One of the zillions
of migrating moths.

Morpho Butterfly
at rest

The Morpho's
electric blue

Butterfly on
The insects were astonishing. Leafcutter ants blazing trails at least six inches wide, a most incredible-looking Alice-in-Wonderland caterpillar, this extraordinary damselfly (with two pairs of large wings in alternating motion-wish I had a picture of that!), and every spider web a unique marvel of construction.

Leafcutter Ants



Rather larger
Not to mention the toads, some of whom sound as if they're packing photon torpedoes.

Green Bug

Cool little mushrooms

Tiny mushrooms

Common orange

Feathery flower

New shoot

Wild Ginger

Heliconia family

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