Birding Thailand - Page 5

Here's a rough map of our itinerary and below are a few short videos from the trip. If you're having any trouble seeing the videos, point your browser to
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Scale insects - The crunching sound is not the bugs, but folks walking through dead leaves to get a closer look.

Big Macaque - One of the leaders of a group hanging out by the side of the road in Khao Yai.

Baby Macaque - This little guy was hanging out quietly grabbing lunch while the old ones paraded around.

Macaque Thief - Later that day in a different spot, this guy got caught rummaging around in a forgotten daypack.

Bat Fly-out - At sunset in Khao Yai, bats pour out of a cave for about 10 minutes looking for something to eat.

Chicken Scratch - Mother Hen shows the chicks how it's done!

Great Hornbill - Cool bird dining on fruit.

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