Brazil Nature Tour
Page 5 - Butterflies

There were an amazing variety of fabulous butterflies pretty much everywhere we were in Mato Grosso, particularly at Cristalino Lodge. Favorites have to be the clearwing, several species of eighty-eights, starry nights, and of course, morphos.

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Dorantes Longtail
(Urbanus dorantes)

Scarlet Peacock
(Anartia amathea)

Scarlet Peacock
(Anartia amathea)

White Peacock
(Anartia jatrophae)

Gulf Fritillary
(Agraulis vanillae)

Banded Orange Heliconian
(Dryadula phaetusa)

Aricoris Metalmark
(Aricoris sp.)

Aricori Metalmark
(Aricoris sp.)

Pale Mylon
(Mylon pelopidas)

Florida White
(Glutophrissa drusilla)

Ortilia Crescent
(Ortilia sp.)

Erato Longwing
(Heliconius erato phyllis)

Amphiro Redring
(Pyrrhogyra amphiro)

White Peacock
(Anartia jatrophae)

Orcus Checkered-Skipper
(Pyrgus orcus)

Blue Satyr
(Chloreuptychia arnaca)

Erato Longwing
(Heliconius erato)

Erato Longwing
(Heliconius erato)

Bitias Hairstreak
(Panthiades bitias)

Imperial Sunstreak
(Arcas imperialis)

Rayed Longwing
(Laparus doris)

Plain Longtail
(Urbanus simplicius)

Mesentina Sister
(Adelpha mesentina)

Puddle Party

Mesentina Sister
(Adelpha mesentina)

Cassius Blue
(Leptotes cassius)

Many-banded Daggerwing
(Marpesia chiron)

Cynosura Eighty-eight
(Callicore cynosura)

Texa Eighty-eight
(Callicore texa)


Echo Satyr
(Taygetis echo)

Cream-tipped Metalmark
(Emesis castigata)

Red-barred Amarynthis
(Amarynthis meneria)

Piera Satyr
(Haetera piera)

Scomber Skipper
(Jemadia scomber)

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